An Expert-Curated AI Platform Pioneering the Future of Specialty Care

Azra Care is an equity-focused digital health platform that enables specialty providers to improve patient outcomes by integrating Value-Based Care (VBC) and population health models into systems while actively addressing healthcare disparities. Our AI-powered care navigation and clinical workflow automation alleviate provider strain and enhance personalized patient-provider relationships.

Value Based Care
Care Journeys
Customized AI Health Chatbots
Automated Patient Engagement

AI and LLMs for Intelligent Clinical Support with a Population Health Focus, Designed and Curated by Healthcare Providers

Value Transformation in Specialty Care

More than 60% of health care payments in 2020 included quality and value based components. Azra designs domain-specific care models with you to maximize specialty care value performance.

Workflow Automation

Azra Care is a pioneering physician curated large language model that safely automates workflows for healthcare providers and improves population health metrics.

Preventative Services and Care Coordination

Address the clinical and health related social needs of your patients seamlessly.

Customizable Care Journeys that Focus on Health Equity, Patient Engagement and Value-Based Care Metrics

Azra is bridging the gap in data, analytics, and technology infrastructure for specialty providers. Our data-centric care program converts social determinants of health data and patient-reported outcomes into actionable insights, significantly improving care for our most vulnerable and high-cost patients.

Cutting-Edge Analytics
Seamless EHR Integration

Proactively address low patient engagement in real time. Identify adverse event and readmission hotspots with geospatial analysis

A special emphasis on orthopaedic surgery

Through a digital health platform, Azra Care enables total joint arthroplasty bundled episode management for post-operative recovery while optimizing comorbid conditions.

A Special Emphasis on Orthopaedic Surgery and Musculoskeletal Health

Azra Care prioritizes musculoskeletal health and orthopaedic surgery journeys. Our user-friendly Azra Command Center facilitates pre-operative optimization and maximizes recovery across multiple specialties. We streamline the collection of patient-reported outcomes, and automatically responds to commonly asked questions using an AI interface.

Value Based Care
Built by Orthopaedic Surgeons

Why choose Azra Care?


Value-Based and Evidence-Based
Innovative and Designed with Healthcare Providers
Patient Focused


Inefficient and Unsustainable
Out of Touch with Healthcare Provider Needs
Margin Focused

Passion Is What Drives Us

Our platform leverages large language models and AI to foster seamless communication and effective care coordination, ensuring optimal health outcomes, bridging gaps in care, and streamlining healthcare experiences.

Customizable Care Models Specific to Your Practice Needs

AI-Based Triage and Workflows for Patient Engagement
  • Custom Trained LLMs for Patient Engagement
  • Population Level Data Insights
  • Escalation Algorithms that Account for Bias and Vulnerable Patients
Virtual Physical Therapy

SMS-Based Exercise Programs Utilizing Remote Therapeutic Monitoring to Track & Promote Patient Activity

Enable Multiple Care Domain Journeys for Co-morbid Condition Management
  • Patient Education Materials
  • Timed and Custom Branded Patient Messaging
  • Patient Reported Outcomes
  • Value Based Care Metrics
  • Comorbid Condition Management