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Welcome to Azra Care’s News page! This is your hub for all the latest updates and announcements from our team. Here, we share our groundbreaking advancements in AI and healthcare technology, noteworthy mentions in media, new partnerships, and the progress we’re making in improving patient care. Stay informed about how we’re revolutionizing orthopedic care and shaping the future of healthcare. Keep checking back for the most recent news and insights from Azra Care.

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Azra Care Selected for Prestigious TechStars Health Accelerator

Azra Care is proud to announce our selection for the esteemed TechStars Health Accelerator program. This milestone reflects our ongoing commitment to leverage AI and digital health solutions to transform orthopaedic care.

Azra Care Incorporates Remote Therapeutic Monitoring into Our Platform

Azra Care continues to innovate, now incorporating Remote Therapeutic Monitoring into our platform. This addition enhances our ability to track patient health in real-time, offering providers actionable insights and patients an improved care experience from the comfort of their homes.