The Azra Care Platform

Azra Care’s platform is a pioneering digital health solution that leverages artificial intelligence to revolutionize specialty care. Our Care Concierge uses large language models informed by evidence-based data curated by our clinician specialists, providing automated and empathetic responses to patient queries throughout their care journey. Our intelligent clinical support triage system escalates concerns to your team before they escalate into adverse events. By actively addressing healthcare disparities, our platform also enhances patient-provider relationships, propelling patient outcomes forward while simultaneously reducing the burden on healthcare providers.

AI-Powered Conversational Care Concierge Engages Patients By Text Messages With Embedded Education Media and Content

Azra helps you support your patients in preparing for a seamless care journey experience, without extra work added to you or your staff. Deliver accessible, actionable, and always-on evidence-based guidance to your patients throughout their care journey.

Patient Focused
Instant Replies Powered by Our Large Language Model Care Concierge
Azra care concierge

Azra's AI chatbot is equity-focused and evidence based to boost patient engagement and bolster patient outcomes in specialty care.

Social determinants of health

Azra Care programs include holistic approaches to osteoporosis, pre-operative optimization for total hip and total knee arthroplasty, and population health approaches to care

Social Determinants of Health and Health-Related Social Needs

Azra Care implements systematic screening for health-related social needs, enabling an accurate depiction of social risk in your patient population and also streamlining resources like transportation, food, and housing for those who need it most.

Prioritizing Patient Satisfaction
Striving for Equitable Care
Virtual physical therapy

Virtual Physical Therapy

Embracing the power of technology, Azra Care introduces a virtual physical therapy feature, enhanced by remote therapeutic monitoring (RTM). Our platform enables real-time, personalized feedback, tracking patient progress and ensuring adherence to therapy regimens from the comfort of their homes. By leveraging RTM, we offer accessible and equitable musculoskeletal care, pushing boundaries to achieve superior patient outcomes.

Advanced analytics

Advanced Analytics to Bolster Value Based Care

We leverage advanced analytics to enhance value-based care. By harnessing data-driven insights, we're able to improve patient outcomes, synchronize care coordination, and optimize healthcare expenditures, aligning with the core principles of value-based care.

Care models for orthopaedic

Care Models for Orthopaedic and Musculoskeletal Care

Azra Care emphasizes care models for orthopaedic surgeons for conditions like knee and hip osteoarthritis, osteoporosis, and fracture care.